21 Thanksgiving Gift Ideas That Every Over-Stressed Host Will Appreciate

A big question on everyone’s mind: What will Thanksgiving look like in 2020? As we navigate the holiday season through a pandemic, one thing’s for sure: It’s going to be a lot different than last year, especially if your traditions include a 30-person sit-down dinner or hopping on a plane to eat mom’s famous apple tart for four days straight. While your new plans might be a bit more local and have some strict sanitization protocols in place, we assure you Turkey Day is still taking place—no matter how you celebrate it. And if you’re part of the lucky few that get to enjoy your holiday dinner with family or friends, you’re going to need a gift for the host. Our mom told us to never show up empty handed, so we whipped up a list of gift ideas—and not one of them is hand sanitizer.

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We usually turn to this Parisian Perfumery for chic candles, but this wax vase, which pays homage to said candles, will last a heck of a lot longer (read: forever). Crafted by a French design studio, it’s inspired by the shape of Medici vases. Just don’t forget to stop at the market for a small bouquet of flowers to fill it with.

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Every time we say “yes” to that fourth glass of wine, our morning headache says, “you should have stopped at three.” Gift your host this wine purifier (which fits over top of a variety of glasses, BTW) to help rid vino of sulfites, aka the main culprits for hangovers, and everyone will reap the benefits.

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Attending a dinner where iPhone use is frowned upon? No sweat. Treat your hostess to a Polaroid camera, so guests can stay in the moment without missing a potential photo opp.

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Chronicle Books

These may look like real matches, but they’re actually tiny decorative vessels printed with a series of uplifting prompts. Pull them out for a dose of optimism when stress levels are at an all-time high (like when dad’s in charge of cooking the turkey).

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Because dessert is more fun when there’s a little friendly competition in between bites of pumpkin pie.

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Show up to Thanksgiving dinner with one bottle of wine, and you’re a doll. Roll up with four, and you’re the life of the party. If you’re really nice, leave the host with a gift card to fully restock their wine fridge once everyone leaves.

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Graf Lantz

Want to make your vino gift look fancier? Bring it in this reusable merino wool and leather wine carrier, which keeps bottles at the optimal temperature, even while you’re en route.

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A fancy bathrobe is one of those nice-to-haves that we don’t necessarily want to spend money on ourselves. That’s why you should gift it to your college roommate who’s graciously letting you crash at their place for the holiday weekend.

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Cinnamon Projects

Oh, they aren’t an incense person? That’s all about to change. This handcrafted solid brass incense holder is so compact, it can be perched on nearly any surface—even the windowsill.

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There are slippers, and then there are room shoes. These ones are made a cashmere-like cotton that will be a welcome respite for your Energizer Bunny of a host. Bonus: They’re 100 percent washable, so not even gravy splatters can kill their vibe.

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Even if the only traveling they’re doing is from the living room to the bedroom and back. The set includes an eye mask and a fine knit throw with a chic bag for living room storage…or taking on the go. Plus, the organic cotton material is so soft, they’ll swear it’s actually cashmere.

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Jacobsen Salt Co.

This flavor-infused salt kit is guaranteed to dress up tomorrow morning’s scrambled eggs. This set of six flavors from Jacobsen Salt Co. (one of the United States’ premier salt companies) includes classics like pure flake and black pepper as well as spicy habanero, Pinot Noir, rosemary and, our personal fave, black garlic.

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Edie Parker Home

There’s a certain type of person that will love these hand-poured acrylic coasters, and chances are, it’s your mother-in-law. Though these coasters are totally functional at eliminating rings and coffee table damage, they also look darn good doing it. Besides, who wouldn’t benefit from a bit more glitter in their life?

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Murray’s Cheese

A pre-made cheese platter from the best cheese shop in New York means the host has one less app to worry about. This one comes in a signature gift box and includes an All-American spread of four tasty cheeses from some of the country’s top farms, a side of sopressata and olive oil flatbread crackers.

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Floor 9

Bonus points if you put the above cheese platter on this beautiful marble serving board (and, obviously, let the host keep it).

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The Feelist

The best thing about successfully pulling off a perfect Thanksgiving spread? The minute everyone leaves, the host gets to finally relax. This CBD-infused duo will melt away any lingering post-dinner stress, by treating tension and relieving sore muscles from juggling heavy pans all day.

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Urban Outfitters

Suggest lighting these when the apps come out and watch as the drips transform from red to yellow to blue by the time dessert hits the buffet. Pair them with a two-pronged candle holder for a sleek, memorable gift they’ll pull out for every future holiday.

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Monica Dorazewski

There’s just something about a seasonal dish towel that really ups the festive factor. Although they probably won’t use this one to soak up spilled wine, they’ll most definitely display it proudly on their oven (which is exactly what it was meant for, if you ask us).

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Urban Outfitters

For the couple that has re-watched every episode of Friends (for the seventh time) during quarantine. Just be prepared to watch the Thanksgiving episode shortly after they unwrap this clever frame.

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They requested your famous pumpkin cheesecake dip, but the real treat will be when you present it in this appropriately shaped bowl—and let them know it’s theirs to keep.

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Flowers are great, but if you want your gift to last, go for a nearly indestructible house plant. Philodendrons are notorious for being low maintenance, so it won’t be any additional stress between now and Christmas Eve.

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