All about engineered oak flooring

All About Engineered Wood Floors - This Old House

There are many things you should consider when choosing engineered oak flooring. I‘ll try to get into details so that your purchase would efficient.

So first of all, these are the things that you should take into account before purchasing oak flooring:

  • Type
  • Oak flooring parquet
  • Flooring grades
  • Thickness of oak flooring
  • Colours by shade
  • Places of flooring
  • Width
  • Oak floor finishes
  • And many more stuff

Make sure you would pick colours that matches your house overall design. You don‘t want to pick two opposite colours. Colour types: waterfall, nordic white, walnut, extra white, graphite, ocean breeze, antique, basalt, white transparent, light nut, wild rose, ivory, ebony, grey, dust, rosewood, pear, forest lake, qua antique, cognac, aqua ebony, deep black, dunes.Another thing is width of engineered oak flooring. This should be the first thing that you‘ll do before even entering a website where you‘d choose oak flooring types and products. Grades: rime grade, nature grade, rustic/character grade. Make sure you read about them carefully and pick the best one for your needs. I have added a link to a website where you can learn more about it. Look for a link above. And of courses, places of flooring: commercial areas, bedrooms, kid’s room, living room, kitchen. Oak flooring requirements will be different for each of these places so I recommend talking to a consultant in a shop for specific advice about what parquet of floor type fits your certain place the best. Good like finding the best product.