Boost Bookings with Interior Design for Short-Term Rentals

The travel industry has experienced numerous challenges in recent years, but things are picking back up again as “revenge travel” heats up this summer. People are planning local and international trips in full force and the hospitality industry is teeming with accommodations to welcome travelers.

Whether you own or manage a vacation villa, bed and breakfast, or shared home rental, you have to stand out from the competition not only to entice travelers to book your short-term rental but to provide an incredible experience that leaves a lasting impression on guests. Interior design plays an important role in appealing to people looking to book a short-term rental as well as their experience staying on your property.

Fortunately, there are ways that you can boost bookings for short-term rentals with interior design. Working with a luxury interior design firm in Winter Park will take your short-term rental property to the next level.

Ideas for Short-Term Rental Interior Design

Modern Amenities

Surely, you do not want guests to travel back in time because of outdated amenities. Rental properties with updated, modern amenities will definitely attract travelers. Usually, travelers who book rental properties such as yours do so for the convenience of having everything they need from a complete kitchen for cooking or a laundry room to wash their own clothes, among other things.

As such, make sure appliances in the kitchen as well as the washer and dryer units are updated, modern, and clean. Wi-fi is essentially a utility at this point, so offering internet access will also likely draw guests to your property.

Other modern amenities that will attract guests include a security feature or added layer of privacy, walk-in closets, large bathrooms, and even outdoor activities like a pool or a trampoline. A home gym may appeal to the fitness crowd and even offering some pet toys or accessories (if you plan to be pet-friendly) will entice pet-owners to stay in your short-term rental


The color blue is the most popular color in the world. Blue evokes a sense of tranquility, serenity, dependability, and other such feelings. The color can also instantly transform a space into a heavenly space that promotes relaxation and positive emotions.

While neutrals are also fantastic options, do not overdo the use of brown and beige colors. Although mostly favored by men in interior design, these Earth-dominant colors translate to decay in people’s minds.

Alternatively, you can opt for an eclectic or bright design concept throughout the property and make the entire concept what intrigues people about your rental. Choose a palette that incorporates bright colors that complement each other and use that as the basis of the short-term rental design concept.

Incorporate Nature

Indoor plants offer a connection to nature. Given that most people love plants, this will not only enhance the appearance of your rental property but also the mood of the guests.

Even if you are not a plant expert, there are certain low-maintenance types of plants that are ideal for beginners or tropical climates. However, if you are a pet-friendly short-term rental property, you should also ensure that the plants you include are non-toxic and safe for animals.

Mix and Match

Combine the old with the new in your interior design concept to give your property rentals a more authentic vibe. Place a modern lamp on a vintage side table, for example, or display thrifted decor on a modern bookcase for visual interest. Tell a unique story with the items you choose to incorporate into the space. 


Take note of the spaces people need in a short-term rental and areas that would be nice to have for someone on vacation or traveling for work. A bathroom and a place to sleep are necessary, but it would also be nice to have a reading nook or library, a cozy space to lounge and have a movie night, or even a workspace, which can be as simple as a desk with some office supplies and a printer. 

It’s also important to consider the storage options on your rental property. Guests need a place for their belongings and, as the owner, you need storage for household items necessary to maintain the property such as towels, bed linens, and cleaning supplies. Whether your rental property is a studio or a large house, leave some space for guests to stock snacks and other food during their stay.