Budget-friendly lighting ideas to make your home look more expensive | Siouxland Homes


“String lights add a touch of warmth to indoor and outdoor spaces,” says Erica Stewart, founder of Fashion Fair House Interior Design Development & Investment Firm.

Adding opulence to your home doesn’t have to cost lots of money.

One easy way to do that is by installing new light fixtures. It’s inexpensive and functional.

“Light fixture makeovers are one of the simplest ways to make your individual space trendier, increase its functionality and boost the overall style of your home,” lighting manufacturer TCP said in its blog. “Updating your lighting can have a major impact on your home’s interior design, without making a major dent in your wallet like with a complete home renovation.”

Bustle recently compiled a list of nearly four dozen ways you can cheaply make your home appear more expensive. Here are some ideas on lighting that can do the trick.

“By far, one of the biggest benefits of choosing sconce lighting for your home is their amazing versatility. Because they are so minimally intrusive and are available in such a wide variety of decorative fixtures, wall lights are a beautiful addition to any room,” Brighter Homes Lighting Gallery said on the store blog.

“What makes the globe so appealing is its timeless, classic design — think schoolhouse,” Gale Singer, founder and president of Circa Lighting told Apartment Therapy. “The globe is great as a flush mount, pendant, or chandelier. Alone, one can be used as a statement piece in a small area or multiples where space allows.”