How a Restaurant Menu Board Can Help You Retain Customers

Restaurant menu boards are a rising trend and there are more and more establishments choosing to use them in their restaurants, cafes or pubs. There must be some good reason as to why you would invest in a emenu restaurant and they are proven to help you both expand your customer base and retain your current customers.

A recent survey showed that customers are more likely to pay attention to blackboard advertising specials, offers and promotions rather than a poster doing exactly the same thing. This is simply because we know subconsciously that a restaurant board written on in chalk can be changed very easily, whereas a poster could possibly be out of date. With this in mind, restaurant menu boards really should feature in your establishment and would explain the growing trend.

But just how can you use them effectively enough to make sure that you retain customers? It may sound like a bold statement but with a little bit of marketing imagination you’ll be able to find ways in which you can keep enticing the punters in.

There are many menu blackboards for you to choose from when you’re thinking about furnishing the inside – or the outside of your pub for that matter. Inside you may choose wall mounted menu boards or table top ones which can really allow you to communicate with your customers. You’ve got to remember that when punters are waiting (hopefully not too long!) for their food ordering system, they like to keep themselves occupied although they’ll be chatting to people they are eating with, they’ll probably like to read something too – a little bit like reading the cereal box every day at breakfast, even though it says the same as the day before, it passes the time. This is why table top chalkboards are recommended. You can communicate events coming up in the restaurant they may be interested in, which will certainly see visitors coming back or maybe display your puddings to entice them into indulging following their main meal.

An A-frame blackboard is also a great way to advertise, and you can see fresh customers coming into your tto restaurant as well as regulars after seeing your board. Maybe you’ve had an update of your menu, or are offering a special offer on a particular day. Make sure you regularly update your board because a punter who really enjoyed the Moroccan style meal last week may well be interested to see that it has been updated or another dish has been given a twist.