New woman-owned home decor boutique to open in New Milford

NEW MILFORD — From delicate vases to locally sourced candles, potted plants, and handmade wooden bath caddies, two New Milford women are filling their new boutique with items that will turn a house into a home— and a chic one at that.

The woman-owned and operated home decor and gift store is set to open in the next week on the town’s famed Bank Street.

At the most basic level, the goal of the new store, which the women are calling Compass Rose Collection, is to inspire.

“Our store will lead you home,” said co-owner Heather Streaman Amaral. “You come to our store, you design, create, get inspired, and then you bring this joy home.”

The other co-owner, Claudia Newmaker, said she will be leading the design work while Amaral will lead more of the product management and acquisition. While the women have slightly different styles, they’re complementary, Newmaker said, melding modern and new with sentimental and classic.

“We work really well together,” Newmaker said.

The two are hoping people will come into the store with their own ideas— a picture, a description, anything— and let the the women help them create those dream living spaces without breaking the bank.

“If they like something but they don’t know how to put it together in their house, that’s what we’re going to do for them,” Newmaker said. “We’ll give them inspiration. We’ll let them know what to do.”