What are the benefits of upholstery cleaning services?

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When a new piece of upholstered furniture is purchased it looks amazing. However, with time the upholstery will start collecting dirt and grime. The furniture will start looking dull and stained. The dust in the air, oils from our skin, pet hair and dander etc. can settle on the surface of the upholstered furniture with daily use. If the furniture is not cleaned regularly, it will become house to dust, pollen and types of germs and bacteria. 

Thorough upholstery cleaning on a regular basis is the best solution to maintain the look and appearance of the upholstery. Regular cleaning will ensure the furniture remains clean and germ-free. 

How often one should get the upholstery cleaned depends on the usage of the furniture and whether there are children or pets in the house, as it could lead to more spillage and germs infestation. It is advisable to maintain a regular schedule to clean and protect the fabric of your furniture.  Hiring professional upholstery cleaning services every six to eight months can help maintain the upholstery and elongate its life. Investing in a professional upholstery cleaning service is more cost-effective in comparison to buying cheaper cleaning products that are not effective and could also end up damaging the fabric.

What are the benefits of upholstery cleaning services?

Some of the key benefits of upholstery cleaning services are:

  • Protection of the Furniture

One of the key reasons for hiring professional upholstery cleaning services is to protect the furniture and save it from any damage. By cleaning the upholstery at home with chemicals and solutions bought from the market you are taking the risk of damaging the furniture fabric. You may not be aware of how a cleaning solution will react with the fabric or material of the furniture. Professionals cleaning companies know how to clean different types of furniture and what solutions can be used for specific fabrics. They are also aware of the products that are safe for children and pets in the house

  • Cost-effective

Professional grade upholstery cleaning equipment is very expensive and you cannot invest in it if you plan to use it only once or twice a year. Professional upholstery cleaning services providers own all the latest cleaning equipment, and by hiring them you can give your upholstered furniture the attention it deserves. By handing over the responsibility to a cleaning company you won’t have to worry about the amount of time spent cleaning the furniture on your own. 

  • Elongates the life of the furniture

Buying furniture is an expensive and time-consuming process. If proper care is not taken of the upholstered furniture, the fabric may get damaged and will require replacement in just a few years. The longer the upholstery remains dirty and uncleaned, it becomes difficult to remove the contaminants. Regular upholstery cleaning can prevent staining and keep the furniture dust and germ-free. Professional upholstery cleaning services providers ensure that protectants are added to the cleaning process to prolong the life of the furniture.

  • Eliminates odors 

Upholstery fabric absorbs smells of spilt liquids, foods, perspiration, cigarette smoke, pets etc. The absorbed smells over time leave the furniture emitting unpleasant odors. People try to mask these odors with fragrance, but it is difficult to get rid of the odors completely. Professional upholstery cleaning services help in the removal of odors from the fabric, leaving the furniture and home smelling fresher.

  • Improves air quality, reduces allergens

If anyone in the family suffers from allergies, the allergens trapped in the house furniture can be the trigger. Dust, pollens and other contaminants get trapped in the fibers of the fabric. These allergens are released in the air when the furniture is moved or sat upon, triggering a reaction. A professional upholstery cleaning service provider uses tools and cleaning products that help in complete removal of these contaminants, to keep the air cleaner and reduce the chances of an allergy attack. 

  • Eradicates bacteria, molds, fungi 

A professional upholstery cleaning helps in getting rid of any bacteria, mold, and fungi growing on the upholstered furniture. It helps create a more sanitary environment, reducing any adverse health problems for the family.


Regular upholstery cleaning is important for the life of the furniture and to maintain healthy conditions in the house. Using professional upholstery cleaning services will give the house a cleaner and healthier environment. The cleaning will also help bring back the furniture to its original former glory and prolong its life thereby saving you both time and money.